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Blair P. Friederich (http://www.friederichlaw.com) has spent forty years preparing and negotiating commercial leases for landlords and tenants and writing articles, books and conducting seminars for real estate professionals. Work on the first leasing book began over twenty five years ago when Blair was asked by a national real estate firm to provide them with a detailed explanation of typical lease clauses and to identify the interests and objections that landlords and tenants would be expected to raise in connection with each clause. That company had determined that it could best represent its clients and enhance its professional reputation when its principals and brokers participated in lease negotiations at an educational level that would equal or exceed most others at the table.

Following publication of The Commercial Lease in 1990, Blair began work on a comprehensive set of checklists to assist attorneys, real estate brokers, principals and other professionals in commercial leasing transactions. The most common request raised at his seminars and lectures concerned the availability of checklists that could help the parties develop and negotiate commercial leases. The Commercial Lease and the developing checklists came to the attention of the largest publisher of legal and professional materials, West Publishing Company. West Publishing asked Blair to go way beyond the focused checklists and to develop a practical guide to leasing practices with a full explanation of the commercial leasing transaction and all of its parts. Blair and West agreed that what was not needed in the market was another legal treatise with endless discussions of recent cases. Blair's position, as identified clearly in the publication, is that the substantive law of commercial leasing rarely changes and still follows the same basic rules that evolved in England over 200 years ago. That relationship resulted in the publication of The Commercial Leasing Practice Guide by West Publishing Company in 1996. The original volume was a little over 1100 pages and during the next six years Blair published over 500 pages of supplements that addressed new topics including ground and air rights leases and the process of analyzing and valuing leases for the purpose of buying and selling office buildings, shopping centers and industrial parks. The book was written in plain language with real life examples.

In addition to updating and reissuing his major leasing transaction book, Blair recently returned to his original intent to develop an extensive and portable set of checklists for use by anyone dealing with commercial leasing that could assist them in reading, preparing, and negotiating commercial lease transactions. The result is The Commercial Leasing Handbook + Checklists. The Commercial Lease II and the Handbook + Checklists are the products of Blair's long representation of both landlords and tenants. Blair graduated from the University of Illinois College of Law and became a partner in the venerable Chicago law firm of Wilson & McIlvane (now Quarles & Brady) whose real estate practice encompassed many of Chicago's unusual and well-known developments such as: The John Hancock Center; Water Tower Place; the Merchandise Mart and Apparel Center; the Equitable Building; the Tishman Gateway Buildings; the largest regional mall in Illinois, Hawthorn Center; and, the development of an entirely new town now known as Vernon Hills, Illinois. His tenant clients included Marshall Field & Company, Arthur Anderson, Trailer Train, Union Tank Car, Towers, Perrin, Forster & Crosby, and a host of others. After relocating to Tucson, Arizona, Blair introduced the first air rights lease to Arizona by developing an arrangement that allowed a private entity to build skyboxes above public property at the University of Arizona's football stadium. Blair's newly released materials offer an incredible resource to those who want to understand the complexity of the commercial lease and the inter-dependent relationship of its parts and come out ahead in their negotiations.

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