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The Commercial Leasing Handbook + ChecklistsThe Commercial Leasing Handbook + Checklists

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This 326-page handbook contains all of the comprehensive checklists included in The Commercial Lease II, together with brief overviews of each main substantive area included in most commercial leases. The Handbook highlights the "default lease", which is the common law real property conveyance and is an essential tool to have available during lease negotiations, discussions and drafting. References to specific topics within the checklists provide the user with an awareness of what should be addressed in each lease provision. The typical commercial lease covers a multitude of topics and issue identification is extremely important for the parties to be able to make sure that important issues are properly addressed and, certainly, not overlooked.

The topical scope of all commercial leases is so broad that even the most experienced real estate professional can benefit from a proven system to approach and understand a variety of individual lease forms and especially those prepared by someone else.

The Commercial Leasing Handbook + CHECKLISTS is available in hard copy only and will be shipped on three to five day's notice.


The Commercial Lease II

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The Commercial Lease IIThis e-book (clicking on the image will allow to see inside) analyzes and explains the provisions found in most forms of the commercial lease, including leases for office, retail and industrial use. The analysis explores the concerns of both landlords and tenants with so called "standard" clauses and is filled with practical tips on how to deal with the inevitable conflicts. Numerous examples of real life compromises illustrate solutions. The book examines the origins of the modern lease in the English common law and the fact that a commercial lease begins as a conveyance of an interest in real estate as opposed to a simple contractual agreement. Real property law and modern contract law are quite different and the book highlights the importance for both landlords and tenants to make sure that the final lease eliminates, modifies or amends various aspects of the common law to avoid totally unexpected and unacceptable consequences. A lease review system is provided, together with the most extensive checklists available to permit all parties to a commercial lease to knowingly evaluate their positions and allocate their risks.

The Commercial Lease II also examines ground and air rights leases and provides analysis and examples of both. A variety of forms including office and retail leases and a number of related forms are also included, along with a comprehensive lease review checklist to permit buyers and sellers to properly evaluate leases during their due diligence in acquiring or selling office buildings, industrial parks, and shopping centers.

Finally, The Commercial Lease II reviews some selected cases to highlight the fact that the case law decisions almost never represent new legal developments but illustrate the excessive time, costs and expenses involved when the parties do not use the lease negotiation as an opportunity to knowingly allocate their respective risks over the term of the lease.

The Commercial Lease II was previously published by West Publishing Company as The Commercial Leasing Practice Guide and is now available in updated form at a fraction of the cost through e-publishing.

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