"What was I going to do in Discount Tire for an hour and a half?...I dug into my case and what came out but The Commercial Leasing Handbook + Checklists. Believing there was not a chance this would relieve the tedium, I'm still not sure why I peeled off the plastic wrap and began reading. Whoa! Was I wrong! The saga of Tom Landlord and Reg Tenant was almost as good as a J.A. Jance novel. And, what a powerful way to bring home the argument for careful lease development (and the need for a smart, savvy attorney to do it for you). Congratulations, Blair - it was a great story and a marvelous teaching tool. I also learned from the "Practice Tips" (which I found to be a great device for motivating the reader to stay engaged with the detailed text) that when attorneys work for landlords, tenants should be on guard and negotiate. Can't believe anyone could make a book on commercial leasing both interesting and informative. But you did. Amazing!"

Gary Fenstermacher, Ph.D.
President The Villas at Academy Village

"Blair Friederich's The Commercial Leasing Handbook + CHECKLISTS for commercial real estate leasing is a great resource and a very useful tool for both seasoned real estate professionals and newcomers alike. The use of examples and practice tips throughout the book are thought inspiring and designed to get you thinking about many of the 'what ifs' involved in the commercial lease document and how you can better protect your client from the many pit falls of 'standard language.' "

Fred Howard
Real Estate Broker, Investor, Developer and Property Manager
Tucson, Arizona

"The Commercial Leasing Handbook + CHECKLISTS is a well-crafted, portable resource for every successful real estate lawyer or commercial leasing agent. Its superb organization, comprehensive checklists and practical applications make it the best daily-use real estate book I have found in my 35 years in the business."

Buzz Isaacson
Office and Retail Real Estate Broker and Investor
Tucson, Arizona

"Blair's work is filled with good insights and readable explanations. We have used his original work as part of our suggested reading for our professionals for the past 15 years."

John A. Ollen
Senior Managing Director
The Leadership Center
CB Richard Ellis
El Segundo, California

"As a seasoned real estate/transactional attorney, I feel that Blair Friederich's The Commercial Lease II is a must read for any lawyer who is asked to provide advice or negotiate the terms of a commercial lease. This book is valuable for leasing brokers and real estate professionals as well. Mr. Friederich provides a wealth of practical insight into various lease terms, with detailed analysis drawn from his years of experience. An additional benefit is the clear organization of the book which allows for quick reference on specific lease terms and issues. The book is presented in a clear conversational style which makes for easy reading while providing a great depth of information, specific practice tips and detailed lease language."

Robert Rosenblum, Esq.
Real Estate Attorney
Los Angeles, California

"The Commercial Lease II and The Commercial Leasing Handbook + CHECKLISTS provide for the first time, in my experience, a complete set of tools to understand and effectively work with core leasing documents.  In my business, issue identification is essential and the extensive checklists included in both books certainly give me a head start in that area.  The explanations and analysis are presented in plain, understandable English instead of extended legalese, which makes these resources user friendly."

Marc Waldroup
Shopping Center Developer and Investor
Carmel, California

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